The Agent Mentor Program

Become a professional the right way, the Agent Mentor way

  • The goal is to help our students become professionals and not sales people
  • All our students have contacts. One, ten, or hundreds, we will show them it doesn't matter. All they need is one.
    • We will help our students with the process – turning contacts into connections and connections into fans.
  • Buying a home is the 2nd most stressful thing people do in their lifetimes. We give our students the tools to ensure that their client's journey is handled with care and precision every time.

How do we turn our students into professionals?

  • Helping them understand that discipline and consistency are two attributes that must be obsessed over.
  • Developing tiny habits that will eventually lead to exponential results.
  • By giving them all the tools they need under one program.
  • Focusing on Mind, Body, and Health first.
  • CRM. Answers the question: Can relationship building be put on autopilot?
  • Providing traditional task management and productivity principles through journaling.

Accountability is a proven path to success.

Allow us to guide you and help you achieve success you only previously dreamt of. We want you to become our next success story. Here's how we keep you accountable.

5 Wonderful Benefits of Becoming a Real Estate Professional

  • 1

    Create Your Own Schedule

    No need to wait until 9am to clock in! If you’re an early riser, why not be productive at 6am? There are no rules, restrictions, or regulations for your schedule as a realtor. If you believe you can get work done at 11pm or 5am, no one is holding you back! Enjoy the freedom to rearrange your schedule as you please. With no time limit or restrictions, you can devote time to other passions or people in your life without compromising your productivity.

  • 2

    You Don't Answer to Anyone Else

    We’ve all been there: asking permission to take a long-awaited vacation with our family, asking to be released from work early to attend our child’s recital or sporting event, or even simply making a doctor’s appointment. When you’re a realtor, you leave those days behind you. Work from home, make the necessary medical appointments, and avoid missing your child’s major milestones.

    Have you ever pitched an idea or suggested a change of process at your workplace, only to be shut down? Those days are gone! As a realtor, you have the freedom to put any idea, thought, or process into action. No more answering to other people. If you have a tried-n-true system that perfectly maximizes your productivity, go for it! You’re the boss. You’re responsible for setting your own priorities.

  • 3

    Your Friends Become Your Clients

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to quit your job and work with your friends? It’s a possibility as an agent. That’s because your friends are your clients. Every single person you’ve ever networked with is a potential client. Your friends especially have the potential to be lifetime clients, with multiple transactions throughout your friendship and relationship as a realtor.

  • 4

    Helping Others

    Possibly the biggest upside of being a real estate agent is the overwhelmingly gratifying feeling of helping other people. You get the opportunity to help people find and land the home of their dreams, become first-time homeowners, or help sell their home so they can change their life for the better! Real Estate Agents aid others in so many ways. It’s their job and their duty, but it doesn’t make it any less satisfying when you see people gushing with happiness, knowing you played a major role in their joy.

  • 5

    Financial Ownership & Independence

    When you become a real estate agent, the world is your oyster. You no longer have a salary cap. Your potential earnings are limitless. It all depends on you now. The only person you can rely on for income is yourself. This can be daunting at first, but if you put in the hours and the effort -- you get back what you give. If you’re self-motivated and driven, you can earn exponentially more than ever possible in your previous career. This is your opportunity, your moment, to create what’s possible for you, by you.