What is SwarmCRM?

A CRM is a Customer Relationship Manager that helps you organize your contacts, track the connections you make, and build your relationships like never before.  SwarmCRM is custom-made and serves as the perfect complement to the One Journal, helping you organize your contacts, your relationships, and in essence, your life.

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  • Dashboard: This is your home base, where you can access everything: note upcoming reminders, track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress, and review your business plan, to-do list, and rewards.
  • Calendar: View your appointments and other reminders, in list, day, week, or month format
  • Contacts: View your contacts and add attributes and tags to better classify the DNA of your contacts (wine lover, sports fan, parent of three kids, world traveler, etc.). Stay in touch with ease and maintain regular contact, all in an effort to build your relationships.
  • Daily Outline: Schedule your activities with the Pomodoro Technique to maximize your efficiency
  • To-Do List: Manage your task list
  • Business Plan: Set your long term business goals so you can run your business like an actual business. This includes your Executive Summary, Mission, Vision, Values, Marketing Plan, and Areas of Focus.
  • Rewards: Review the rewards you’ve chosen, and see those you earned
  • Progress Breakdown: Monitor the tasks you entered vs. completed and track your progress. Obtain valuable information such as your improvement and where you fall short -- ideal for perfecting your processes.
  • Everything is conveniently in one place: your Contacts, Calendar, Daily Outline, Business Plan, Rewards, and Progress Breakdown. Access your entire business approach in just a few clicks.
  • Our CRM is made to change the way you do business, effectively ushering in a new wave of Real Estate agents. Join the Real Estate revolution that is rapidly shifting how agents manage their network.

Daily Plan

At the start of each day, you are prompted to plan ahead and determine your goals This reflection also serves as a benchmark to review your progress from the previous day and determine what to repeat, what to avoid, and how to improve.

Weekly Plan

You will also plan out the week, determining your short term goals and where you hope to improve on the week ahead in comparison to the previous week. Give yourself a small reward if you stay on track and help motivate yourself.