Our mission is to mentor the driven few looking to start their professional careers in real estate.

Agent Mentor was proudly founded to teach driven individuals about the real estate industry from the inside out. Our courses, tools, and people take the guessing out of the equation and plant new agents firmly in the driver’s seat. 

Our monthly subscription packages are designed to help new agents handle every client’s journey with care and precision.

The Concept

Bridge the gap between education and learning. Agent Mentor not only helps with getting licensed but ensures that individuals understand what to do after they get licensed. From the minute you sign up we focus on building your name and understanding, step by step.

We teach our students how to succeed in real estate as a professional. From CRM and planning to setting up social platforms and building a sphere - Agent Mentor demonstrates what needs to be done and mentors you on what it takes to succeed from day one. Unlike everything else, Agent Mentor means results.

We offer our online tutelage in all 50 states and provide our students with the following resources:

  • 100+ specific lessons on business development
  • A tailor-made Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to enhance relationship building and keep track of connections
  • Unrivaled access to industry experts, who divulge both what to do and what not to do
  • One Journal, a special journal made just for agents to ensure proper habits, regular motivation, and A Magical Morning to begin each day the right way
  • Live coaching to enhance specific strengths and work on weaknesses